The site is now about a square kilometer and in a deep gorge at the site there have now been found rocks eroding from the hillside that have plaster on them. It has also been determined that the placement of the rocks in the main configuration are a sky map as it would appear in about 10,000 bce The furthest north star is represented as Dubhe, the brightest star in the big dipper and the great stone circle is the center of the galaxy in Sagittarius. Orion is clearly represented as is Auriga, Persues, Cassiopia and the Milky Way. On the picture at left 1 is Dubhe, 2 is Orion, 3 is Auriga, 4 is Perseus, 5 is the center of the galaxy  and the line is the Milky Way. The best match for the configuartion found in the sky map is October 21st, 10,524 BCE. At that time Vega was the North Star and Dubhe was the furthest north in local space co-ordinates. The stones on the other side of Orion are the stars of Gemini and then on towards Taurus.