South of Lake Poopo is the largest system of canals, dams, reservoirs and dikes ever constructed in the world. They have probably been considered to be natural in the past but canals can be seen radiating from the northern end of the system to fossilized agriculture on the plain surrounding the lake. The construction and design of the dams is exactly the same as ones found at Palpa near Nazca, so we know they are not natural. As I was surveying the area via satellite images at the south end of the great salt flats, The Sayal de Uyuni, I discovered what appears to be the largest pyramid in the world. There is no other archaeological record of this structure that I can find. It is much larger, almost twice as long and the Great Pyramid at Giza, and about 100 feet higher. See the video below for a tour of the structure. 

In the south western region of Bolivia and spilling into Peru and Chile is a vast system of reservoirs, canals and dams that has been overlooked by scientists and archaeologists up to the present day. This is vast system that  can only now been seen from outer-space due to the newly released images of the area. The region is very desolate and is high, mountainous desert. The images show great reservoirs, dykes, huge dams and a canal system that interlinks dozens of lakes that it would seem have provided the Lake Poopo region with water for irrigation and flood control. The system provided an area of many thousands of square miles with water to grow crops that would have fed millions. While skeptics may say that this is all natural I challenge anyone to find anything like it elsewhere in the world to prove it is natural. There is a dam almost as large as the Hoover Dam and hundreds of miles of channelled waterways. There is also a large pyramidal structure at the entrance of the water system into the Lake Poopo valley that is the largest structure in the world of it's kind. Larger than Salisbury Hill and Monks Mound and even much larger and taller than the Great pyramid of Giza.  The structures of the dykes and dams is very, very similar to modern constructions an example of which is shown in the images. This is definite proof of an ancient very sophisticated civilization that existed in South America a very long time ago that had capabilities as great as own civilization in the 21st century! Beyond the great pyramid begins  the landscape that is covered with ancient fields and agriculture and is littered with ruins. It the gateway to the ancient civilization. 

When archaeologists were viewing the civilization from space in the early 2,000's they determined that there must have been at least 1,500,000 living in the area. Now with the new images over ten times as much evidence can be seen and so we must then conclude that up to 20,000,000 people lived in the are to produce the ruins seen today.