Jim Allen made an extensive study of the area at the south end of Lake Poopo in Bolivia and found a large apparent city area, canals of great extent and many other structures. Many of the canals are still being used even though they are thousands of years old. New satellite have just been released of the area around Lake Poopo and they show that what he discovered was only the tip of iceberg. There are about 2-3,000 square kilometers of ancient fields, great cities and structures under the lake. Below is gallery of just a few of the sites I have discovered. This lends great credence to the idea that Atlantis was in The Americas and that the site in Canada was an outpost. The genetics of the Ojibway in Ontario is the most unique in the world being x-haplogroup, with the only people sharing this genotype being in North Africa and Northern Spain. There has never been a mention of a great civilization in the Lake Poopo region and the evidence suggests it was much greater civilization than the Inca. There is nothing like this in Peru. http://www.atlantisbolivia.org/ here is the link for Jim Allens website. Take look and see what you think. The evidence presented here has never been seen before. 

Further investigation has shown that there are many other large scale structures in the area northeast of Lake Poopo that are so mind boggling that they are beyond what I had expected when I began this investigation. Images to follow. 

 120 miles east of Lake Poopo I found the most amazing place. It is a circular valley surrounding a flat topped mountain. The entire region has been entirely transformed by people in the distant past. There are what appears to be fields on vertical slopes and entire mountain sides that look like someone was making crazy quilts on the landscape. What would be the purpose of doing this?