To the west of Lake Poopo is an ancient collapsed caldera. Inside the caldera is complex of buildings and a very large pyramid. It is 300m long x200 wide and 133m high or 975ftx650ftx423ft. This makes it larger than the great pyramid at Giza. There are geoglyphs on the sides of the mountain depicting human and animal forms and the inside of the caldera is terraced in parts attesting to the hand of ancient peoples at work. The idea of an advanced civilization existing at the end of the last ice age is now firmly established with the findings in Turkey (see:

as well as the findings in India in the Gulf of Cambay. See: The radio carbon dating suggests the age is at least 9,500 years old. 

The geoglyphs on the pyramid mountian are like tapestries and show a high level of artistic ability far beyond anything else in South America.