Nan Madol is a site in Polynesia that is on the Island of Ponehpei. It is stone ruin with buildings covering at least 750,000 square meters. The standard archaeological model due to carbon dating on a fire pit tells us that the site construction began in 500 AD, but the problem with this model is that this construction is very immense. There are approximately 8,000,000 blocks of stone that have been transported from a remote unknown location and set in place. No quarry has ever been found where the stones came from. Some of the blocks of stone weigh several tonnes and even if each block of stone could be put in place on an average of ten minutes each, then it would take 4,000 years for all the stones to be put in place. 

If we read the standard account for who built it we see that it is all based on legend and mythology and so cannot be taken as factual and yet this is what the archaeologists would have us believe. 


The most plausible explanation is that they do not want to change the standard model of how the civilizations of the Pacific Islands came into being. We know that the Polynesians were very late arrivals and they most likely just re-occupied the site around the time of the carbon dating. We see evidence of megalithic structures all over the pacific. Some of it seems older than the standard model.