The site is most likely very ancient. It was first thought to be prehaps a native site, but it is much too complex to be Ojibway, or other native tribes. The bird stones complexity and artwork is much too advanced to be native. The second thought broached by consulting archaeologists was  that it was a Knights Templar site, but the vast number of stones, alignments and circles seem to rule this out, although they may have visitied the site. In Ontario there was an ancient civilization that existed is 9,000 BCE call the Pukaskwa found mostly near Lake Superior who were known to build rock structures. Many paleo sites in Southern Ontario are 11,000 years old and artifacts have been found near Brighton. What is perhaps most curious is the fact that these are some of the oldest stone structures in the world and they have not been noticed by the international archaeological community. Sites of similar age in Turkey gain headlines around the world. It makes you wonder if it still not prejudice against the First Nations peoples of Canada.