One of the first and most significant features of the site found is the "magalithic gate." The rocks in this gate are made of of strange volcanic breccias. The one appears to be Kimberlite, cosisting actually of now two blocks one weighing approximately 15 tonnes and the other 10 tonnes. The other side of the gate is a block which has  been drilled by hand and is now broken into several pieces. It is peridotite. The wide range of minerals and gemstone bearing rocks at the site is one of the features that drew the researchers to the area. There are several blocks of kimberlite, peridotite, bery, corundum and other gem bearing rocks. It is unlikely, as this is an area consisting mostly of glacial till, that so many varieties of minerals would be found in such a small area. One of the rocks is a beryl ore rock that is polished on one side, another is a rare piece of jadite, carved into what appears to be an animal head. Beside it, which is quite near the gate, is a cut piece of granite in a heart shpe polished on one side flat. Near the gate is a cirlce of boulders some of which are in excess of 15 tonnes. The alignment of many of the stones through the forest is dead straight. Refer to the pictures above.